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Ventral Casting

Posted by cadsmith on February 6, 2011

Apps for Development seeks evaluations. Sysadmins called to improve testability. Coverity leads market in automated software testing. Topicmarks does document summarization. Wrangler simplifies form-based data cleanup. Linked open data adds value. EMC released Greenplum visual language for big data. Canvas learning management system announced.

White house publishes innovation strategy. Startup America supports entrepreneurship. National Power Grid has security issues. FBI search engine developed. Local Motors announces transport design battle. National Security Space Strategy published. Russians resume plans for spaceplane. China announces 2020 science goals. Clean nuclear power is a priority in China. Japanese elderly not quick to accept bot care companions. RoboEarth networks bots globally. Surgeons communicate with nurse bots using gesture recognition. David Hanson’s bot heads advance.

Video discusses implants for humans and brains for bots. Heart cells are made from skin. Accelerometer is made of paper. Nestle tests products in huge stomach. Neer tracks group member locations. Ericsson texts money transfers. AT&T expands mobile banking. Walgreens fill prescriptions by cell cam. IntoNow promotes social TV. Digital museums are browsable in Google Art Project. There were thirty-three recent links.

Book Review:

Verification and Validation in Systems Engineering
This book looks at how architecture frameworks use SysML and UML 2.0. Techniques are classified as informal, static, dynamic or formal. These use inspection, testing, simulation, reference model equivalence checking and theorem proving. It proposes a unified approach to evaluate designs, including comparative metrics and procedures There is a case study of an ATM. Semantics, probabilistic behavior and performance analysis of activity diagrams are considered using the PRISM model. There are thirteen chapters.


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Daedal OS

Posted by cadsmith on April 11, 2009


Convotrack recently announced ability to identify popular socnet posts about a page. Social media seems to be finding its way into post-web2.0 domains. Test Information Space led to meta-test approaches where data characterized by observers for decision and action was used beyond original intent. This revealed a functional map, or filter, and a social aspect to linked data. Seen in this mode, activities can be attached to network models. Had some discussion of virtual collaboration on LinkedIn and Twine. Question also posted to Twitter and Livescribe. These stream to other sites such as FriendFeed and Delicious for additional storage, search, comment, tagging and forwarding. Problem-solving efforts may orient themselves by reorganizing data to and from these sources or add additional services within or around them. The existence of conclusions can be reported to concerned subjects so they can be reviewed and secret items not adversely affect academic, civic, financial, professional, medical, or other decision-makers which can occur in both hierarchical or distributed systems. An analogy might be to look neither at finger or moon, but at who is looking. In response to cybersecurity mandates, the internet may soon add additional compartments and layers. Whether this makes it safer, or disconnected networks return, is yet to be seen. Ultimately, the maze may be to hold the bull itself.

Recent titles of interest included Allemang 2008 on semantic web; Friedenthal 2008 on SysML; Alag 2008 on collective intelligence; and Rainsberger 2004 on JUnit.

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