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Coincide Effect

Posted by cadsmith on April 4, 2011

IEEE proposes cloud standards. Page Speed Online analyzes how to make it faster. FCC and Samknows provide routers to measure broadband. Firefox speed may depend upon add-ons. AffirmIt! is a Ruby testing framework. Wildcat Discovery automatically tests thousands of battery cells. Ways are under development for marketers to measure emotions. There were 30 recent links in several other categories.

Book reviews:

Physics of the Future, Kaku 2011

This is a view of likely technological advances during the rest of the century based upon current research. It is written by a practicing scientist and may seem conservative compared to other popular futurists and speculative to journal publications. It is summarized by description of a day in 2100 under a type I global civilization. Author video.

World Wide Mind, Chorost, 2011

The author’s cochlear implants inspired him to think about how these enhancements can be connected to the internet and then how the combined social interactions would lead to a new order of self-awareness. Trends are extrapolated for the instruments and their applications. This might also be of interest for user experience or requirements as a subset of network science. Author video.

Biosystems Engineering, Nag, 2009

This book looks at the uses of bioengineering including those for agriculture. The combination of genetics and system analysis are used to make sustainable environmental modifications to address some of the critical needs due to impact of things like population and climate in the future.


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