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Correction Rules

Posted by cadsmith on July 30, 2010


Recent links (about twenty): test: Parasoft, user-interface: BlindType, internet: top 20 countries, publishing: Smashwords, web: Healthcare, Google gov apps, WolframAlpha widgets, Glass annotator, Flisti polls, games: Zynga, cognitive: fMRI conversations, science: space time exchange, art: rephotography.

Book Reviews:

Last of the Humans, Amazon, Scribd

This novella looks at some of the topics from this blog in a fictional fashion. The premise is that superintelligent machines have begun to reorganize society and a few holdouts attempt to cope in unexpected manners. There is a quest from the protagonist’s point of view which has ever-increasing stakes. A couple of characters were added for a prequel to previous short stories. These are exaggerated archetypes representative of potential groups.

As a prototypical test of ebook publishing, this took less than a month. The early posts of the newly created content to a social network were lost when it upgraded versions, so the project was moved to an online notebook which eventually had eighty-three entries. This also turned out to be a presentable form for an omniscient futurist feed which the book becomes an instance of. Thirty-seven notes were edited out and could be reused in another story. During this time, a series of ten books on writing were also reviewed. Additional notebooks are listed in Works in Progress.

Videos of interest:
Microsoft Research Street Slide View


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