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Spring Bearing

Posted by cadsmith on March 9, 2010


This may be a Pareto moment or phase shift when the 80/20 substitutes the 20% for the 80 and a new 20 is establishing itself. Those in the latter group will perhaps further recognize a 10, 5, 2 or 1 for the key components of change. Of course, the dynamics of interaction are competitive and the rules are sometimes more of a midline than boundary, e.g. in administration. Location is significant, but can reflect, albeit by shadow, larger trends. A snapshot is useful, many of which can then be combined for an encapsulated view or map from which to navigate. A goal would be to complement reminders about what is absent with credible recommendations for solutions. Ironically, media is subject to propaganda by defending industries, so much data is yet to be discovered and discussed.

Economic reports have had about 10% unemployment for a couple of quarters so it did not worsen. Underemployment, or part-time, is at about 20% so 1 in 5 people are still not spending. Last year saw a slump in investment, so some promising industries and research are opportunities for further capitalization, e.g. mobile. Real-estate is expected to recover in 2011 so developers may make their moves soon. Approved national stimulus plans are spent. Governments that have taken control and done hiring may have sea changes in expenses. Smaller regions may implement further tax breaks to attract growth. Healthcare approaches are hot. Exports need to improve. Distortions in sustainability, e.g. risks of agricultural monopolization through GM crops, need to be addressed.

Startups will be increasingly popular to compensate for reduction in large businesses, handle marginal demographics, and to implement new ideas and business models. Plans are real-time so the presentation is more of a dashboard than fixed reference. Marketing uses all the latest tools. There are networks within networks for connections, referrals, directories, investing and support.

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