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Posted by cadsmith on March 3, 2010


Networks need a new framework for filters. These are used to find, count, combine, prevent, or offload, and can be brokered. Significant features include sensors, mining, tracking, aggregation, measurement, correlation, visualization, analysis, alerts or APIs. Complex circuits can be made from connecting components. These may include devices, e.g. analogous to musical interfaces, tuners, mixers, and muxes. In news, Google implemented personalization. and Facebook patented feeds. Search is adding stars and location. Feeds are faster. Musical genre is sortable and videos listable. Blogger groups can be grouped or crowdsourced. Social networks populate the internet universe. In the beginning was email. The energy comes from people, data, and communication. Fact has a scale that varies along its synonyms. Maps relate ideas to activities by rules and probabilities. There are cultural splits, e.g. privilege, security or censorship, which evidence wear on barriers due to resource diversion costs and sustainability requirements. Idea models and prediction account for cultural hosting, and ideological flaws or advances. Disruptions may enter from the edges, middle, or disconnected sources. Assets may change value due to demographic or economic phases. Peripheral admin practice modifications may find their way to urban centers. Competitors may seek control of adversaries. Enterprises absorb public trends. Affinity-minded do-it-yourself fills in the blanks. Realtime systems combine machines and people into a massive lens to describe the world. Tools convert the natural arrow of time into other forms, e.g. radial, waterdrop, or symmetrical, to measure displacement, projection or entanglement among elements. Overwhelming amounts of scientific data seek solutions. Dark energy yields surprises across the board. Discoveries tend to trigger requests for blanket protections. In lieu of constantly assembling a previously committed national guard, it is yet to be seen whether automated protections can survive fitness tests due to velocity of action. Creative process is also able to bypass biases, connect the dots, and draw meaningful shapes from intricate backgrounds, often to the surprise of the dominant awareness. Proof is in play.

Also see filter.


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  1. Hi John, thanks for the link – very interesting post there too btw 🙂

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