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Cosmic Cursor

Posted by cadsmith on January 24, 2010


Constructive tone is recommended for smart markets after recent election upset, or perhaps it’s just a meteorological mashup. In any case, the Internet means business. Time may be seen as racing ahead, so minutiae may be interesting to futurist historians, e.g. regarding rise of the digital economy. Governments are obviously competing for control. In the US, large corporations seem to own the court so press probably begins to probe partisan boardroom battles. Consultants may emerge as staff is shed. After the ‘87 meltdown, Congress sought to maximize tax income and required incorporation for these individuals. Fed, state, local and global may look to some like orthogonal street signs. The adage seems to be that, after the rhetoric, government resists reductions in cost increases until that itself becomes the bubble. Workaround may be for organizations to handle reporting and persons ideas. (Attempt to keep straight-face.) Reputations and referrals then follow. Have previously discussed opportunities for interoperability in new official computer systems; this assumes any corruption is constantly cleared, however past pardons indicate things do not always progress in a direction of protecting the public. Take it to your leaders.

Wetpaint recently had issues regarding ads raising caution flags in browser, but was still usable. NFL playoffs haven’t been the same for the past couple of seasons without the Pats. Other than that, no China exploits to report. Activity at the outposts:

“You Are Not a Gadget”, Lanier 2010.


Intern ET



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