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Rogue Reply

Posted by cadsmith on January 8, 2010


Invited that is. Question for the analysts: After the past three decades, and present seeming fubar status, what are likely spinoffs for industry? The details probably work themselves out, though it may not recognize itself afterward. State reporting is laborious, especially for entrepreneurs, though late fees are a quick profit. Citizens have own opinions about senate, paid for by mounting losses. It is not clear what special interests have in store for next decade. Whoever is selected for national will have a challenge past rebound sentiments. What would really be effective, how citizens deal with berserker regs,  and better globalism factors for self-determination are still to be discerned. On a society note, human rights is still trying to find its way to the street. When the boss’s away, the mob will play. Marshalling of arbiters and enforcers is not a complete solution; noone said liberty is blind, only attempting escape. It is not about guilt or the good who are prostheticized young. There may be a hidden “for all” in the balance. (The one without weakness is too elusive.)  The rest continue to count their fingers or use cutouts. In the absence of science, mythology may become more mainstream, though revolts are still subject to reason. The new year justifies optimistic initiatives, some will be longer-term. Economic upturns will choose their champions. Errors of past decade will be better understood and corrected to avoid repetition and worsening. Collaboration may have new branches past open-source, web and social, e.g. multi-enterprise perhaps as early aspect of cloud. Academics tend to weigh ideas carefully. Conversely, fiction, art or music may be more imaginative, impulsive, irrational and reflect dynamics of real world representations or responses. Answers in drama are not prohibited yet.


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