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Posted by cadsmith on November 29, 2009


What is Wave?

Google Wave is in beta as a form of hosted communications. A topic can have ongoing entries from contacts who attach messages, pictures, videos, maps and files. Email-like search is enabled. It can reportedly be embedded into other web pages or blogs. There are extensions for conferencing and interfaces to social networks such as twitter.

It has been said that users have profiles and organizations have pages, at least as far as Facebook and LinkedIn are concerned. A difference from Twitter is that there does not yet seem to be public visibility which is also similar to web2.0 features of O’Reilly Safari books online.

Test Information Space has multiple components including profiles, bookmarks, Q&A, blogs, wiki, notes, files, multimedia and socnets.

Some measures might include:

How is usability?

Does it improve accessibility, e.g. realtime and mobile?

How can blips be categorized?

Does it handle feeds?

How can streams be filtered?

What mashups are useful?

How can dashboards be applied?

What level of discovery is there, e.g. for relevant contacts or recommendations?

What is support for analytics and datamining?

Is the perspective top-down, bottom-up, inside-out, all-at-once, or yet another mask?

Adding contact Bloggy, blog-wave@appspot.com, should publish. It was not activated on the preview version yet.

Reference: Getting Started with Google Wave Ferrate 2009.

Links: wave


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