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Posted by cadsmith on November 23, 2009


What is your opinion of this {idea, book, product, system, media, economy, year, decade, culture}? Any recommendations?

As trends 2.010 go, scifi is in hiatus. Party-goers are served irony and ice. Stereotypes trump sensibilities. Eastern projections edge UK, Orwellian that is. Yoda yields to literature and art, but gweilo/gaijin/gringo groundwork needs improvement. Sustainable sites seek alternative to ads.

In the meantime, can record recent changes in how one sees (or hears) along the route to a review. There are more permutations than only prof, PC, and professional society. Lessons learned from the trials of Test Information Space include how the gentle reader can comment and collaborate on CMS and socnets, and plan professional projects.

Can briefly consider Q&A in this context.

How do you write a review? Tweets tend to be punchy. Blogs have more beats per minute. Reports are arranged for defense. Point out:

  • the purpose,
  • how well it was achieved,
  • use cases,
  • tips,
  • constraints,
  • comparative approaches,
  • suggestions for improvement, and
  • constructive conclusions.

How has reading changed? Ebooks can be skimmed rapidly multiple times for gist and memorization. Search is selective. Metadata is maintainable. Notes are navigable. Socnets provide second opinions.

What are types of reviewers? Casual users provide a personal experience, experts extrapolate from datapoints and error bars, researchers rank and emphasize additional efforts, and paid reviewers repeat the party line.

How has consumption changed? May buy something to blog about, evaluate embargos, elect extradition, or bargain-hunt banned brands.

Where do you find good reviews? This is user-specific. List favorite feeds. Ask friends, e.g. Facebook. As always, desire access to original data.

Turns out that the ability to sense something implies that it has already been cognitively categorized so, if in doubt, one can always sleep on it. Otherwise just cast a keyword, e.g. whodunit.

Also see review.


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