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Where’s the pi?

Posted by cadsmith on November 12, 2009


The mobile market is more than a moving target. Its shape is a multiple derivative of other fields. Developments of social industry rise from the rubble of institutional distortion. Where’s the i? Place becomes space for work, learning, entertainment, performance, and studio, in addition to test.

A simple generative case is to prefix tags by the world “mobile”. For example, a mobile social mind map may be a topology of location-based ideas. Mobile web sites, social browsers and p2p become self-assembling talents that can meet challenges in realtime. If the web was like a database that made organizations smarter, then mobile is a counterpoint for a work-on-demand goto-grid. Comms reduce the need for travel. Implants disappear the devices. Software radio is no longer in sight.

Browse this domain for developments that expand the xy axis. Markup and scripting provide easy customization. Mesh dashboards meter distributed databases. Pictures are parsed to extract numbers and text, count objects and list scenic metadata. Search permeates the web/world barrier. Answers are always in hand. Carrying a truth detector puts one in mode of integrating intentions in addition to behaviors. Biometrics make diagnosis and prescription relevant to living outside the clinic. Similarly for security watchdogs seeking outlaw autopilots beyond airports. The phone is good for decoding, network switching, software development, project management, and scientific instrumentation.

As a broad brush, immediate phases build out the context via plug ins for calculation, office, web, 2.0, semantic, sensor, ebooks, media, translation, navigation, lifestream, augmented reality, virtualization, mining and mcommerce. Measurement is constructive.


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