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Historical Sitemap

Posted by cadsmith on November 2, 2009



Economies value what seems rare or in short supply. This was true for goods and services where innovations such as the light bulb and automobile resulted in utilities and industries for production and service.  A decade after the dot-com boom, boutique browsers offer an app for that, a time-shared tradition taken from Ebay, Amazon, Yahoo and Google who initiated growth in the sale of digital commodities and supporting infrastructure and are now being dittoed across the developing world.

A popular term for the digital economy is electronic commerce or e-commerce where marketplace has become market-space, unique selling position (USP) is the market niche, URLs are non-English, and e-business plans include ads for pay-per-click programs. Properties of content, process and intellect have new forms of substance and protection. Trade secrets is an open-source maxim. Users from anywhere place a new world order met by universal sourcing and distribution via cyber cash transactions. Noobs scramble for the next offering or spin-off, regional, specialized, or customized.

This can be disruptive for the powers that be who have invested their family or state’s wealth in physical assets and accountants. Since the scale defies most  known forms of manipulation, challengers earn immediate word-of-mouth street rep across the industry game and a brief ‘pinion din. Predictions for the new year are that mobile, socnets, web2.0 and semantic web will embrace the enterprise as they have grasped government. Usability is a predictive factor which correlates user experience, quality of service and popularity. TIS the season for surprises.

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  1. Kurt Laitner said

    John, piniondin would be a great url.. love it.

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