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7 up

Posted by cadsmith on October 24, 2009


Upgrade was straightforward for win 7 home edition 32-bit on an XP dual-boot laptop. After backing up previous data files and defragging, used GParted from an ImgBurn’d DVD to split partition into pair. Downloaded three OS files from web, Win7-HP-Retail-en-us-x86.exe 69.8MB, setup2.box 137.6MB and setup1.box 2GB, then installation to the new clean logical drive took about half an hour. Wireless internet access was easily restored. Aero is supported by graphics card. The PC now boots to win7 by default or previous XP by selection. Win 7 documents can be edited from XP login, but reverse situation is prevented from seeing or editing other user’s contents. Workaround is to use a common area which does not require permissions, e.g. \temp. Word .doc files are not recognized on native win7, so saved as .rtf. Used a notes file and cell phone as dashboards for activity log, clips and comments; web editor is another alternative. Third party apps have to be reinstalled and checked for compatibility. The system displays a dialogue box once for each program to verify that it will be allowed disk access. IE8, Firefox and Chrome browsers imported bookmarks from respective exported html’s okay. Live writer was used for this blog. Evernote 3.5 added a new entry okay. Adobe Reader 9 installed and was able to look at a couple of PDF files. There are more apps to reinstall and verify. Stored MP3s play. An external USB disk is accessible; backup of 40.54GB took about 50 minutes.


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