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Progressive Regression

Posted by cadsmith on October 18, 2009


Assume for a minute that forecasts of a cloudy web are true. Enterprises enter a refactoring phase which complements phones replacing PCs amid meetups instead of meetings. More extreme cases result in, not just paperless office, but officeless professions, education and government. The schizophrenic screen that has spent half the time on work and the other on web2.0 then solidifies seamlessly. In the future tense, it is likely that there are applications where the cloud is useful at an acceptable threshold of trust.

Data volume being like a tornado that sweeps over engines of search, classification and computation, a data mining booster may help find direction again, and test data analysis may establish course correction. Tools have found their way onto PCs and networks in the QA, agile and open-source cases. Components can be customized to run off of portable media such as flash drive or CD, USB or P2P, browser plugins, and phone apps. The next exercise is to establish stable, sustainable and scalable eQuality. For example, a mashup of templates from TIS and cloud would vector versions of testability metrics, virtual toolsets, testing-as-a-service, cloud under test, and analysis on demand. Depending upon the cultural or commercial context, they may tend more to either social or automated implementations.

This potentially adds new mosaics to dashboards that are now limited to notes, feeds, reviews, wikis, communications, activities, spreadsheets, and media. Cumulative captains of industry can derive further case studies, cluster BOMs and business plans. Test teams may widen their range and discover unmet needs and niches as tech has a tendency to do. Exceptions to the cloud pivot toward continuing efforts at clearing constraints.


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