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Posted by cadsmith on October 11, 2009

In order to add depth to a discussion of visualization, verification and validation, take a snapshot of 3D CAD. Digitized renditions of places, appliances and actors result in a natural interface that exploits user capacities for mobility, navigation, and prediction. Identification, position and metadata are features of the framework. Models may vary in definition, accuracy and manageability, but tend to benefit from the web trends of linking, collaboration and interoperability. A brisk pace of improvements adds user designs to more situations over time such as conference, games and science. Time itself is a parameter in this context since it can be represented as an axis, cycle, or movie-like special effects. It can alternatively be transformed into other mappings such as durations, derivatives, or distributions. Slices of depictions can be juxtaposed for comparison, interaction or animation. (Okay, okay, okay, the triplets theme is becoming trying.)

Familiar applications include architecture and vehicle manufacturing. Design costs are lower since versions can be exercised and discarded without waste. Users are watching more video and doing more drawing on tablets or touchscreens. They do photography on webcams or phones which also have built-in GPS and compass. Symbolism is second nature via avatars in virtual worlds and augmented reality. Graphics run locally or on distributed platforms using flash. CAD adds a degree of control to a world where surveillance seems to witness chaotically runaway effects, and invites efforts to find ways to turn more information into knowledge. Models themselves form a datawarehouse which can be used as reference. This is useful when the scales approach infinity, e.g. nano or cognitive. As consumers expect more 3D video, CAD branding becomes generally applicable.

Also see resource links 3D CAD.


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