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Lightning Bug

Posted by cadsmith on August 30, 2009

The stimulus has lit up some new testing territory if nothing else since change yields information which probably reboots IT. Past examples include fallout from introduction of the satellite or the internet. The smart grid is a new metaphor to answer the question “Is the planet better off yet?”.

Can initially sketch some outlines around the new field. If the grid is the computer, it can predict its own behaviors, however issues concerning timeliness of buffered sensor data yield anomalies and incorrect responses; autonomous is not always accurate. Complexity may fall somewhere between investment and weather systems. There are some scenarios when Poor Ingrid’s AI is a short-timer because local sources, e.g. solar power coatings, and netzero eliminate the need for distribution or an energy service provider. Popular engineering may become fashionable as public learns to improve energy usage amid concerns about scale of state surveillance. A new economic model is sought if electricity becomes a form of currency; probably can’t rule out an open-source Enron that drives the tax Pinkertons berserker. Other risks are that it periodically generates the wrong outcomes, i.e. increased carbon emissions, higher prices, shortages, monopolies or reflexive official shutdowns.

While the grid is supported, evaluation methods from other industries can be integrated. There is some second-order load for the measurement itself.

Also see wiki topic for more about clean energy, smart meters and buildings, storage, economics, vendors, electric autos, regulations, standards, advantages, constraints, risks, and measures.

Image: notepad.


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