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Posted by cadsmith on August 9, 2009

IT might have a future where it can strategically edit a map of this century based on actual and projected conditions. Various types of networks interact to realize scenarios. Each continent has players. Population growth changes demographics. Ideally can preserve civilization commons such as health, rights, law and trade. Dependencies include at least energy, natural resources, transportation and communication. Disruptions to states lead to realignments in treaties and rivalries. Downing big guardians can result in various melees, so there may be attempts to order conflicts to preserve security,  lower intensity and defuse escalation, though these still have to deal with surprise attacks and arms dealers. Issues of national security may be construed as threat to species whether from war (conventional, WMD, guerrilla, cyber, nano), climate warming, pandemics or natural disasters. New powers may emerge, e.g. Turkey, Poland, Mexico and Brazil. Politics range across democratic, socialist, communist, religious, martial and possibly growing sympathy among distributed small groups. Complex human emotions often seem two-sided, e.g. fear/greed, mortality/sex, or group-power/free-will. Simultaneously, science offers prospects of augmented physiology, cloning, smarter machines, robotics, and conquering space. Waiting on reality transport protocol.

Topics of interest include network support by Allen 2009, software test by Davis 2009, survival fiction by Forstchen 2009, hardware design verification by Fujita 2007 and Martin 2007, and hardware testability by Wang 2006.


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