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Inference or Deference

Posted by cadsmith on July 26, 2009

Data may be interpreted differently by various experts, e.g. during fault analysis. Some of this is due to limited methods or predisposition. Automation is attempted for machines, but may be inadequate for procedures or other people. Preferring emotion over culture may beg the question if intuition is constrained by social learnings and nature. Deliberate falsification requires detection. Data which is camouflaged may need decoding. Hidden expectations can often be revealed and corrected using statistical probability techniques such as Bayesian analysis.

Mathematical case: incisive or decisive

Medical case: inductive or deductive

Reading list included Posner 2008 on decision-making theory, Swenson 2008 on decryption, Robinson 2007 on verification and Mitnick 2003 on investigation.


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