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Inductions Enter

Posted by cadsmith on July 12, 2009

Recent lightning strikes highlighted shuttle test procedures, e.g. video and tweets.

While characterizing test info space, drafted How to Write a Case Study on Scribd as an initial perspective for that newly added site. There is also potential material about topics, FAQ, distributed data types, utilities, history, trends, future, sites and services. Linked some of the test titles to wiki Documents. Titles also report data and are a form of it. Additional works can be found by tag search, or lookup related items. The goal of finding all relevant data may require additional approaches. Sorting is also useful. Titles show statistics such as number of views, or other pages which embed or link it. When looking at a particular title, can view in various modes, preview tile all pages, double-page spread, slides, or scroll. Can combine to skim contents for outlining. May also peruse by people or groups. Reading larger works might be improved by hyper-linking the index, if included, and making it easier to go to specific pages rather than having to use the tile view. Hardware test, debug, validation and design verification could use more titles.

Anderson 2009 looks at internet commerce. Applications for a TIS might include: give away summary of issues, charge for instance of solutions; give away TIS approach, charge for implementations or integrations; give away data, charge for api/apps/hw, or vice-versa; give away test results, charge for comparative analysis; and give away methods or website, charge for effort, e.g. test, debug, develop.

Johnson 2007 discusses usability.

Image: Lightning


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