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Posted by cadsmith on July 5, 2009

How does testing involve creativity? This may also be considered in the negative light where the latter is preceded by destruction which precludes maintenance and associated costs. Murphy’s legend notwithstanding, there is not usually a center of chaos driving wrong activity. Headless organization is often more resilient yet defects do not all occur simultaneously. There are constraints and interdependencies preventing this. Quality assurance attempts to shore up functional defenses and predict where errors will next be found including untested features or conditions. Getting to know all of the faults leads to cases which are communicated among actors. This is an additional dimension for research or development where failures are recognized as experimental results that yield data which may become relevant under future circumstances. As environment changes, including utility sources and operating conditions, specifications may have to tolerate the previously avoided regions. Resultant metaphors, language and relationships form the new test info space.

Summertime has led to promotion through more consumer and collaboration websites, e.g. for document-sharing.

USB Pen tablet makes computer graphics or writing easier.

Authors of interest included Trippe 2008 on XML, Dale 2007 on management, and security views by Ramo 2009, Viega 2009, Long 2009 fiction and Strausfeld 2008 video. Added Scribd catalog to book directories.

Image: gargoyl


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