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Posted by cadsmith on June 28, 2009

Test categories can be expanded to deal with the new dimensions of online knowledge. As the consequences of errors go up, risk increases. Devices can be reset to restore operations, but this is not as easy for entire networks or groups. Separate levels of representation introduce probability of discrepancies between physical, data and metadata levels. This occurs for example in government, security, or medical databases. Accuracy and analysis at the new scales of storage and transactions are expected to occur in real-time to support services. Stability is usually provided by vendor alliances or regulatory agencies which fund the generation of standards, yet practices are being objectively reviewed for likely survivability in current economic phase. Social requirements sometimes seem to result in a “lunatic fringe” which simultaneously contradicts accepted rules yet may provide solutions which can be adapted to more general cases. News about what works spreads through novel applications of media. Testing and engineering basics may be picked up by users earlier in their experience and systems can be more self-repairing. Eventually some form of this finds its way into the hardware and materials so that people can attend to the matters that are important to them and knowledge interacts at more primitive levels. Hopefully, this can be extended to wider orbits.

Incidentally, in case of artistic inspiration, Aviary can be used as online graphic editor, e.g. for avatars.

Readings: Sanderson 2009 on Google AE in progress, Rubin 2008 usability, Cooper 2008 GWT, Thatcher 2006 accessibility, and Shlain 2009 medical.

Image: Moon occults Saturn.


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