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Com Posit

Posted by cadsmith on June 14, 2009


Remote testing is now possible using Twitter as a CLI by real-time monitoring in addition to reporting algorithms. Question is how to also recognize and organize new ideas which may become useful.

Have heard that testers, like surgeons, may enjoy classic musical themes while in the zone, e.g. “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” (MP3), Morricone, 1966. This may help to handle seeming anarchy when myths are merging from all directions. It is also entertaining to see resultant media or special effects from augmentation or remote or mobile sensors or games. An avatar may represent a team comprised of multiple members or types of ware.

Possible web trends: Can share comments, pictures or videos pasted onto existing web pages using a Layer.com account. May be possible to quickly convert data tables to graphic visualization or map using tables.googlelabs.com which requires login.

Books added to wiki this week were Nickull 2009 on web 2.0 architecture, Ford 2008 enterprise software test, Samek 2008 UML, Fine 2002 beta testing, and Miéville 2009 detective fiction. Video series include Charland 2008 on enterprise Ajax and Lemen 2008 on digital painting.

Image: recent avatar.


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