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Posted by cadsmith on June 7, 2009

Time-keeping rapidly reaches its limits when applied to social networks so there may be a need for more innovative utilities to allow organization of distributed elements in real-time.

Am importing Test Info Space bibliography into Google books to allow user content search, e.g. “unit test“. This is a form of local search which has previously been done on data and documents across synched mobile devices and servers prioritizing relevance with respect to the web. Wider topics can still be reviewed using multimedia search engines such as new Bing. Dedicated video search engines require transcripts or audio phonetic search, and metadata.

Incremental reading this week was Fry 2009 on security and Mirlas 2009 on web commerce. Videos included Sullivan 2009 on CSS, Smith 2008 on Ajax, Reyelts 2007 on unit test, Norton 2007 on usability, and Monroy 2008 on graphics.

Image: Sundial.


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