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Posted by cadsmith on May 24, 2009


Popular media is awash in sci-fi. Summer is an optimistic season. The final year of the decade is seen as a pivotal manifestation of change in approaches to issues. Human history is treated as a runaway which various groups are scrambling to deal with in order to define and position themselves for whatever is ahead. Depending upon perspective, one may simultaneously be experiencing growth on the order of multiples of previous levels of experience, as well as a disconcerting collapse of structures which had previously been relied upon for responsibility. In a time series, this can be portrayed as a changing of the guard, or alternatively considered as transition from nationalist vertical to globalized flat, or other domains may see length of time shift to height of relevance, or orthogonal rotation of moments, and so on. The next decade may attempt to maintain part of this through economics. Optimistically, an inclusive balance sustains the good, realistically society continues to cater to a market of might, and pragmatically, correlations of ideas across previous boundaries connect various people in unexpected ways.

Titles from the reading list were Hibbs 2009 and Pezzè 2008 on software testing, Singer 2009 on military robotics, Wolf 2008 on VLSI design, and Aezel 2001 on quantum physics.

Image generated using GIMP 2.6.6 on original compass logo darkening background, filtering map/fractal trace, and uploaded as twitter background image.


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