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Final Term

Posted by cadsmith on May 3, 2009

Answer engines indicate uptick, e.g. Wolfram Alpha or IBM DeepQA to augment expertise.

Search now yields Google profile. Added a site to Ning which features social networking, pictures and videos.

Recent reading list composed of Nilekani 2009 on future of India and IT, Ash 2008 web performance, Weilkiens 2008 SysML and UML, Andrews 2006 testing web security, and Beck 2002 about test-driven development.

Twine upgraded to Sprint 36. UI looks more like feed reader sorted by topics which can be ordered by preference. Each twine’s view indicates items that have not been read yet and can be sorted by type (e.g. all, bookmark or comment). Authors are not obvious so dialogue swarms seem to be less frequent. Can bookmark or subscribe to feeds of particular twines or members to follow, or pipe to Twitter or its newly imitative complements, Facebook and Friendfeed.

ComboFix security was useful to cleanup self-reinstalling adware processes.

Image: Dr. Eldon Tyrell


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