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Source Crowding

Posted by cadsmith on April 2, 2009

Circulation in macroeconomics

Expect to see a realignment of online data due to increasing volumes and costs. This will be an indirect consequence of changes in economic strategy as expressed by network vendors to handle efficiencies sought by multinational businesses, access needed by startups which drive market relevance, and political shifts to balance global and national demands and regulations.

There has also been contention about whether online data sources are valid citations in publications. Though the printed word was static and easier to authenticate, more publishers are changing to digital only, and review sites save reference versions. Recent additions to book titles on test wiki include topics of cloud computing (Reese 2009 on Amazon and Grannerman 2008 on Google just prior to app engine), open-source (Rathaus 2007) and software (Dustin 2002 e.g. using orthogonal arrays). General network subjects of interest include online communities (Buss 2009), film story-telling (Hollyn 2008), and crowdsourcing (Libert 2007).

A new beta that explores mining and oulining of a few online public-domain sources is Primalfusion. The user interface could be smoother, and contents of links are subject to change, so would use more for topic discovery than explanation at this point.

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