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Sensor Chip

Posted by cadsmith on March 24, 2009

2 fast 2 diesel

The initial outcome of this year’s annual auto inspection was “status monitoring not ready” from the onboard diagnostics (OBD). The current equipment checks the electronic sensors directly rather than measuring the exhaust mixture. All other tests were okay. The mechanic ran the vehicle while a scanner was connected and no faults were indicated. It then passed reinspection. No part replacements were needed so the cost was just for a single inspection and trouble-shooting labor. A possible explanation was that status can be temporarily lost when the battery is replaced or disconnected and an RPM sequence is required for drive cycle resets.

Honest Signals by Pentland 2008 presents studies of how people can be instrumented along with devices using sociometers to reveal the intricacies of social network intelligence.

Strategic Mobile Design by Cartman and Ting 2008 promotes design methods to juice up the user experience.

Great Powers by Barnett 2009 and The Next 100 Years by Friedman 2009 detail how much is riding on the global expansion of networking and predict its effects.

Programming the Semantic Web by Segaran 2009 will demonstrate how the global graph can be implemented through data linking.

Blender 3D by Brito 2008 has instructions on how to use this graphic tool, literally for building, and perhaps conceptually for semantic, architecture. Also see 3D twine for that community’s finds.

Image by Brian Clayton via Flickr


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