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Z Axis

Posted by cadsmith on February 19, 2009


Wetpaint wiki recently added videos. Have begun using on-site to-do’s to increase likelihood that others will be aware of requirements. Added Zephyr 2.0 thanks to Sean Stewart’s recommendation that the blog do a review. It fits into Test Information Space as a centralized server repository that supports distributed desktop dashboards. According to the instructions, the server runs a Windows OS such as XP, Vista or Server 2003, along with Sun JRE, and desktops can have any OS or browser that support Adobe flash. Features include reusable test cases, scheduling, defect tracking, documents and metrics. It reportedly integrates with open-source BugZilla and JIRA. There is a monthly subscription fee advertised of about 65/seat. The community board listed feature requests such as a traceability matrix, defect search, and printing and customization of charts. Web 2.0 blog or wiki would seem to need to be hyperlinked from another document. Did not yet see obvious support for rss, stand-alone, mobile, or tweets. Incidentally, Twitter is receiving support from other sites such as Twine and seems to be adding a perception as a business social network. 


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