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Posted by cadsmith on December 23, 2008

End of year is a good time for a shot, whether snap or screen or, in this case, semantic. Test Information Space started as a lab page in html (officelive). Version 2.0 was implemented from tagging blogs (wordpressbloggerlive), mobile (mofuse), wikis (wetpaintsites), bookmarks (deliciouszigtagqiterablinklist), social networks (facebooktwitterlivescribepower), feeds (friendfeedtoluu), gadgets (google), email (live mail, gmail, yahoo), search, and offline (live writer, ms office, excel, emacs). RSS feeds are output from most locations. Today these show up as links from eachother’s pages, e.g. the blog portal. Semantic versions are to feature RDF output, querying, automated parsing and tagging, and finer resolution for data chunks. Examples include twine or zemanta, scaled up by significant orders of magnitude. The public domain web is a simple case and the commercial context more complex. A quick poll of professional users described a slowly emerging SW as practice communities get up to speed on the formats and tools such as RDFa, semantic engines and wikis. Current tools are an intermediate phase to yield consumer products and services. User interfaces still need elegant ways to embed combinations of data sources into desired solutions, e.g. SPARQL has been deemed difficult to use. 2009 probably will not see the disappearance of the major corporate, finance or government structures, but this dynamic is now more than academic. Ripples can occur as individual people are recombined to leverage their output capabilities, e.g. the ominous possibility of online education for employees or voters, millennials or boomers.


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