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Posted by cadsmith on December 13, 2008

It may be useful to move or backup a blog to another site. The export/import option can be used when transferring within the same blog type, however a WordPress export file is not presently accepted by Blogger for import. A solution is to apply Windows Live Writer to copy blog entries from WordPress to Blogger. Its abilities to post to any of the user’s blogs, and synch to read previous posts, are combined in appropriate order. This can also be used for Spaces Live. A straightforward method in Live Writer is as follows:

  1. may need to setup both blog account logins,
  2. select source weblog, e.g. wordpress,
  3. click Open,
  4. may need to change #posts set which defaults to 10,
  5. click a particular title to open,
  6. change weblog to destination, e.g. blogger,
  7. set publication date at bottom of screen to match original,
  8. add any categorization or tagging,
  9. correct any format errors, and
  10. publish.

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