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Posted by cadsmith on December 10, 2008

Zemanta is plugged into Firefox so am seeing the recommendations on right side while entering text directly into WordPress blog. (Sometimes type into another Word doc window to use thesaurus.) Previously had discussed use in Windows Live. In this case, login worked so added Twitter, Facebook and OPML from Google reader. This created a list of sources from friends’ websites and the blogroll feed.

Head First Javascript, Morrison, 2007, is an introductory book which presents the material in a fashion which combines visual graphics, conversational style, changes in format to draw attention, and emotional appeal to attempt to make it easier to read and more memorable. It is unique, different from reading web pages or text-oriented hardcopy. There are many other titles in the series. Each indicates prerequisites, e.g. this expects reader to have HTML and is itself needed for AJAX. Code samples can be downloaded from book site.

Penetration Testing and Network Defense, Whitaker and Newman, 2005, covers security topics and techniques. It is geared toward vulnerability testing of networks, including those having dated equipment and software. Ironies included link to a web site which reports that it is no longer legal in the host country, and a trojan alert from a link listed in the tool pdf on the book site. (“Why is it so hot in here?“)


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