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Posted by cadsmith on November 11, 2008

Added Test Information Space site search gadget. For example, keyword “media” was found in various pages on 4 sites. Since it uses a script tag, it does not yet seem to be supported for insertion on wetpaint, office live or google sites, though these can be among the set of search links. Each also has a local search box. The URLs of items found can be linked and the search bookmarked.


This gadget locates pages. A complement might be a way to input data across boundaries. Would also be useful to have a way to categorize parts of a document, in order to enter or display by category, contents or date, and refer to any part externally as a data object. Use cases might include activity or contact lists and logs, or replacement for multiple files or applications. There seem to be various attempts to do this, e.g. using outlook, email, notes, spreadsheet, database or microformats. Each eliminates constraints due to a previous structure, e.g. topic, document, folder or server, and adds capabilities such as search, sort, navigation, and summary. Web2 sites add social aspects such as blogs, wikis and multimedia contents which allow multiple authors, commenting, tagging and feeds. A solution that ports across mobile, devices, desktop, web and cloud would be nice. Semantic versions might indicate automatically highlighting likely combinations of data objects for desired purposes. It is valuable to be able to circumscribe a set and identify as an object to handoff as a link to a post or dialogue.


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