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Easing the Feed Speed Limit

Posted by cadsmith on November 10, 2008

Onlywire simultaneously posts bookmarks to multiple sites, e.g. del.icio.us, twitter, furl, or connotea. An icon can be added to the browser toolbar that prompts for tags and comment. They request that it be promoted on the user site using a javascript command, e.g. googlepages.

There are things yet to be done. Some sites were not available, e.g. zigtag, twine or buru, and it seemed to have difficulty with blinklist and simpy. The site promotion was not immediately activated using html widgets on wordpress or office live. The onlywire bookmark list did not seem to include all recent links though they had appeared on target sites. Use of the browser button sometimes lands on a blank page labelled “Bookmark Saved” rather than returning to the original page. Had not yet tested the API to allow applications to automatically bookmark. It would be nice to have an RSS feed of bookmarks from the site, e.g. to use in friendfeed, though the latter does input from some of the individual sites.

Incidentally, LinkedIn blog feed app can post entries on one’s full profile. Blog posts to Twitter can use Twitterfeed.


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