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Posted by cadsmith on July 5, 2008

Recorded Thinking Ink pencast to begin to explore pen ontology. Can move the dot around to hear the audio relevant to that position on the page display. Subjects covered in recent days included academic, business, creative and fun-stuff.

Since user can also re-record, there may be some combinations of point, voice and music to try. A theme song for entry and conclusion of a pencast might be nice. From the pen’s perspective, meaning is locational and modal (when selected by command or keyword). The user interpretation may be directional and seem to change based upon the path taken. Of course, the notebook presents a context. Each has an identification so that the pen knows which it is using along with the page numbers. The content files have timestamps. There can be mappings from pen(s)-to-notebook(s)-to-pc(s). The website knows about user accounts and connects user(s)-to-pen(s). Perhaps there may be a way to enforce pen use only by particular users, e.g. as passwords are used for pc’s or sites. This could be done via writing something in response to a challenge prompt on the LED. It may be possible to get similar functionality from a touchscreen, stylus and audio assuming that the notepad is not required. Alternatively, additional options might migrate from smartphones, e.g. gps, wireless, calls, direct web interface, and so on. Social networks might generate some simple apps to run on the pen to support user base collaboration and branding. Style formats for blog entry pencasts might emerge.


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