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Posted by cadsmith on May 8, 2008

Powerset natural language search sent an invitation to beta test so am participating. This accepts typing questions in natural language for matches from wikipedia. There are also discussions and points for suggestions.


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  1. John Rodrigues said

    Site went public without warning so feedback to them not copied. Consisted of ideas for search sequences, context, tagging, comment search, variables for degree of abstraction, and so on.

  2. John Rodrigues said

    Was able to login to labs.powerset.com yesterday evening. Karma 37, rank 170, discussion 40, comments 5;
    List of discussions created included:
    Add to online course material
    Translate user input to formalized syntax (e.g to drive cmd shell)
    Connect to cell phone input
    Search text before it is written
    Useful for writers to verify originality
    Information filters
    Allow to search for comments
    IT programmers use natural language for development
    Compare spoken/written languages
    Use to complement data entry
    Allow set of domains to be used as target for search
    Ask questions of a text
    Deep diving
    Extract new terminology from content
    Extension of graphics to language
    Customize search bias
    Navigation ability following search
    Way to search feeds
    Group questions semantically
    Categorization of question types
    Identify missing questions
    Search bloglines
    Search song lyrics
    Business plan domain
    Sports statistics domain
    Medical domain
    Merge social search
    Indicate relationship between questions
    Series of questions save previous parts of sentences
    Video domain
    Result of search constrain additional searches
    News search

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