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Posted by cadsmith on March 31, 2008

Prefactoring”, Ken Pugh, 2005, 238pp, presents guidelines to improve the implementation of desired software behaviors and interfaces in order to reduce the amount of refactoring needed. Includes 64 recommendations, two of which are built flexibility for testing and plan for testing. Also see article “What Is Prefactoring” and book site.


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Posted by cadsmith on March 30, 2008

Video of Test NG, Cedric Beust, 2007, discusses how next generation Java test framework is used for deriving test methods, outputting xml, timeouts, multi-threading, and listing sets of failed tests. It is compared to JUnit. Also see testng site.

Specification-based testing video, Ziv and Windbladh, 2007 presents ScenarioML which applies XML to specifications. Also see slides.

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Posted by cadsmith on March 23, 2008

Test Information Space expanded from youtest to acm and teki to test recently released Google Sites.

The Rails Way”, 2007, Fernandez, 912pp describes some advanced practices. Ruby documentation discusses language. InstantRails has downloadable development system for Windows. Heroku has server.

Writing Testbenches: Functional Verification of HDL Models“, Bergeron, 2000 has in-depth analysis of verification and behavioral modelling among other topics.

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Posted by cadsmith on March 9, 2008

Ajax: The Definitive Guide”, Holdener, 2008, 980pp summarizes the state of AJAX development practices. Unique test requirements include cross-browser compatibility, validation, broken links, load, resolution and stress. Appendices for XML, javascript frameworks, toolkits, libraries such as prototype, script.aculo.us, rico, mootools, dojo, sarissa, mochikit, and jquery. Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) is a recent semantic model for querying. Author’s blog and code samples. List of web APIs, e.g. mashups, also shown on programmableweb.
Video by others on ajax frameworks (e.g. ruby on rails, dojo, gwt).

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