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Posted by cadsmith on February 22, 2008

Game Testing All in One”, Schultz & others, 2005, 511pp describes how software testing techniques can be applied to games. After a humorous introduction orients the reader to the differences between gamer and tester approaches (e.g. rules 1 & 2 taken from Hitchhiker’s Guide, & X-Files or Ice-Nine, respectively), the authors reveal their knowledge of some popular titles as well as methods for improving the user’s experience. Book chapters have exercises answered in appendices. The contents demonstrate how to dissect a game for testing, and drive the software and hardware components in both well-defined and ad-hoc fashions. Testers get to know the games inside out and often spend weeks working through the various phases until release. Beta, online and multiplayer testing are also covered. Automation tools are used (since the game AI usually isn’t responsible for the testing part, too). Document, form and test flow diagram templates are detailed in an appendix. There are links to some commercial and public-domain tools to support the effort, e.g. documentation in a wiki.

Testing of mobile devices is covered in a recent webcast. Equipment costs can be lowered using combined analyzer and generator components local to a test station or connected using web-enabled LXI and IEEE 1588 timing.


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