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Posted by cadsmith on February 11, 2008

Effective Methods for Software Testing”, 3rd edition, Perry, 2006, 1008 pages provides a comprehensive summary of the subject. Software testing organizations can be built using the methodology described in this book. It emphasizes enterprise systems which have central business functionality and details a seven-step testing process. This is then applied to other types of agile testing for client/server systems, rapid application development, off-the-shelf packages, multiplatform, security, data warehouse and web-based systems. The textbook is written as a guide that includes checklists and fill-in-the-blank forms to complete the steps of the process. It defines relevant terms and the roles of testing within the organization including how risk is analyzed, measured, and mitigated and how software quality can be improved. This is a high-level treatment which handles projects of large scope. Specific tools, languages, hardware or vendors are not covered beyond identifying their types. Readers involved in other forms of software (e.g. mobile, embedded, virtual, storage media, UML, drivers, or firmware) might seek additional sources.


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