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Posted by cadsmith on February 9, 2008

Innovate Like Edison”, Gelb and Caldicott, 2007, 300pp, discusses a framework to describe the inventor’s overall approach to problem-solving for consumer and business products and services. There are some extensions that could be made given a web component, e.g. less necessity of geographic proximity and more analytics. The book supports the practices of experimentation and journaling which are useful in test environments. The market is what drives innovation according to Edison. It is what led to his ideas, notebooks and drawings, lectures and founding of the journal Science. He excelled in experimentation, persistence and learning and pioneered methods of collaboration and teaching. This book captures some of the energetic style of this well-known American inventor of the 20th century phonograph, light bulb and motion picture projector among over a thousand patents. The book discusses his biography, contemporaries, society and creative influences including Shakespeare and Abraham Lincoln. He formulated a core culture that could be used across industry business models which included brand name, manufacturing, marketing, open communication, geographic proximity, and leader networks.


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