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Posted by cadsmith on January 26, 2008

In “Tagging: People-powered Metadata for the Social Web”, Smith, 2007, 216 pp, metadata is stored in fields of larger records. These might appear as web site interfaces, but also be used for custom utilities that can analyze contents based on the metadata values, or schemas which combine reserved types and unrestricted metadata labels. Tagging allows users to label and sort their web and computer data items and to look at others’ labels or items for which there are common labels. This book looks at the phenomenon, how it originated and has been implemented, and some particular sites that organize social bookmarks, media sharing and personal information. The author discusses javascript frameworks, and shows examples of sql code that can be used to improve on the performance of server-side scripts. There are links to tag sites, browser extensions that group items across sites, and APIs for user applications. Timed tags are shown in Viddler. Open-source tools include FreeTag.

Tumble logs, or tlogs, are a quick way to link a series of data objects of various types into a weblog. See Tumblepedia. The Tumblr API shows how these can be read or written from other applications.


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