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Posted by cadsmith on January 24, 2008

Looked at “The Linux Programmer’s Toolbox”, Fusco, 2007, 656pp. This discusses some ways to measure use of memory, virtual memory, paging statistics, inter-process communication (IPC), multi-processing, and to do performance profiling. There are some examples of shell scripts. It also offers an overview of Linux tools for configuration, development, debugging and tuning. There are links to open-source download sites. It discusses the philosophy, derived from Unix, of combining a lot of special-purpose tools to accomplish more general-purpose functionality. There are techniques that can be used within programs themselves, or via the shell commands. The Linux architecture that makes this possible is reviewed. Alternate ways of doing some of the more complex things are shown with their relative merits, e.g. getting details about opened files such as their inodes.


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