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Posted by cadsmith on January 19, 2008

Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical, Real-World Approach“, Hallinan, 2006, 576 pp, talks about developing software to run some common devices. This book is an introduction to the use of Linux for embedded device operation and software development. It has tutorials for installation, debugging, and porting. Enhancements for kernel version 2.6 are outlined. Real-time issues are highlighted, e.g. preemption and profiling. Discusses memory technology devices (MTD) subsystem and journaling flash file system (JFFS). Appendices have more details about U-Boot and BusyBox commands, SDRAM interfacing, and BDI-2000 hardware JTAG debugger. Has pointers to many open-source sites including some emerging standards. Newer types of memories and file systems might require additional sources. Test equipment is often a form of embedded device which adds applications for measurement, storage, comparison and display, for example. These can also be networked for monitoring and alerts.


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