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Posted by cadsmith on January 8, 2008

Reviewed “Visualizing Data”, Fry, 2007, 382pp. This book presents a seven-step process to ensure understandable information display: acquire, parse, filter, mine, represent, refine, interact. The approach is of interest to those who need to convert their frequent or complex information needs into executable code. Demonstrates the Processing front-end API for web site analysis and discusses the software design issues and approaches. Starts with simple introduction to chart drawing, curve fitting, maps, trees, and file handling techniques. Advances to applications that parse text files to show lexical maps, and display user activity across web site pages. Code can be ported from, or interface between, java and Processing or vice-versa. Techniques are shown for scraping data, downloading files, outputting to documents, handling binary streams, or using site APIs. For example, shows source behind displaying a graph of labels, in different colors and sizes, that might represent a census distribution or bookmark tag cloud. Many links refer to compatible free or product software including spreadsheets, databases and network analyzers. Some of this also applies to dataflow for inter-machine services. Author site: www.benfry.com. Demonstration video. Processing site.


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