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Posted by cadsmith on December 12, 2007

Software Requirement Patterns, Withall, 2007, 384pp, shows that requirements define the functions and capabilities that the system provides. These may be high-level or detailed. This book applies general types of them to commercial business software. These may be created in a traditional manner, or in an agile extreme or incremental process. Most requirements don’t have a neat pattern; this book may apply from 15% of them up to a self-contained business system covering about 65%. The analysis and format are discussed. A catalog of 8 types is itemized: fundamental, information, data entity, user function, performance, flexibility, access control and commercial, each with from 2 to 6 subtypes. Each pattern has a paragraph for content definitions, a field template, examples, any extra requirements, particulars and considerations for development and testing. For example, an inter-system interface requirement pattern would have contents such as interface name, interface ID, the system at each end, interface purpose, interface owner, standard defining the interface, and technology to be used for the interface. Extra requirements would be individual types of interaction, throughput, scalability, extendability, resilience and availability, traffic verification and recording, upgrading, security, documentation and third-party interface development. A method for generating new patterns is outlined. Also see table of contents on Amazon.com. Author site. Wiki page. Site has two chapters for download.


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