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Cosmic Raise

Posted by cadsmith on November 13, 2007

The news that Google is offering prizes from 1/2/08-3/3/08 of 25k-275k totalling 10M seems to have hit the atmosphere with the force of a cell phone. There may be more to the forces of acceleration that meets the G. Initial themes include communications, devices, and mobile, along with the business increasing shares of ad revenue and ISPs. One would expect immediate port of existing applications to gphone, as well as development of new types of apps and hardware. Competitor responses follow. Here are some marginal phenomena that may be drawn in: other phone emulation, Voice i/f, Socnet (Blogs, pix, video, publishing, Socnet analysis, what users do or buy, who connects), Office (Enterprise integration), Web integration (Search, geo, directories), User-preferences, Purchases, Database (Data capture, input aggregation, administration, academic, industry, medical), Games, Entertainment, news, music, Controls, device integration, embedded systems, Security, Education, Localization, translation, semantic, scientific, 3D, s/w radio, global swarming and off-duty writers dealing with time-travelling Romulans. Hopefully there will also be improved ergonomics for hand-eye coordination. Having named all of this, what else might be interesting to you?


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