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Posted by cadsmith on November 12, 2007

An Introduction to Testing Web Applications with twill and Selenium”, Brown & others, 2007, documents the automated web testing tools twill, scotch and Selenium. twill is a Python shell ,v2.3 or later, providing commands for HTTP browsing, form completion, variables, cookies and debugging. It can be further extended by the user. Scotch is a python recorder and player based on web server gateway interface (WSGI). Selenium adds Javascript and AJAX to a browser to create test suites. It features variable execution speed control; example tests are linked to be run online. Django is a rapid development framework that is used as the subject of functional tests. Wiki page.

Video by original developer explains the origin of Selenium and usefulness for web testing on variety of browsers.

Selenium Remote Control (RC) parallelization across a server farm is analyzed on video. This was faster using Chrome and Firefox Chrome browsers. A test isolation issue reportedly occurred on Internet Explorer and Safari which required serialization since cookie collisions would occur, e.g. due to windows registry modifications.


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