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Posted by cadsmith on October 29, 2007

Reviewed Nanoconvergence, William Sims Bainbridge, 2007. Video from 2006.

Convergence of nano, bio, IT and cognitive (NBIC) sciences leads to human transcendence. The history, state-of-the-art, luminaries, and grand challenges of each field are discussed. Nanotech is immediately a multiplier and eventually a unifier. Social science may be more popular going forward than computer science was over the past half century. Imagines how convergence might occur and what its effects would be, e.g. on government. A challenge is that a lack of scientific evidence results in a false unity of ideas. A convergence cube is proposed to connect conservation, indecision, configuration, interaction, variation, evolution, information and cognition. Nanotech began with NASA space manufacturing research, so book looks forward to future space systems. Other applications such as personality transfer modules are also illustrated. It shows what individuals can do to get expertise and contribute research, suggests R&D for scientists and engineers, and defines the factors of a social movement. Author’s link.

The personality archives seem to have different assumptions than research which finds genetic components, e.g. in results from identical twins versus fraternal ones. Another direction of study might be along the lines of synthetic personalities created by using reasonable results from the population of all possible element settings. These personalities can be combined with eachother using different relation models, e.g. competition, cooperation, curative, constraint or other capacities, to form teams or groups. How these evolve over time might indicate new factors.


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