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Posted by cadsmith on October 25, 2007

Reviewed Software Testing, Ron Patton, 2nd edition, 2005. Testing goals are finding bugs early and verifying that they were fixed. Begins by describing a set of infamous software bugs such as 1999 Mars lander and 2004 Jpeg virus. Bugs are usually caused by the specification, then design, code or other factors. Specification terminology checklist identifies categories of words that need to be clarified since they are misleading or vague, e.g. always/never, obviously, sometimes, fast, processed, if-then without else, ”and so forth”. Testers verify that software meets the spec and validate that it meets the requirement. Software development lifecycle models covered include big-bang, code-and-fix, waterfall, and spiral. Website testing approaches and categories are discussed. Ways to measure test coverage are shown as well as some commercial automation tools. Localization issues are outlined. Talks about standards such as IEEE 829, CMMI, ISO9000 and has links for a variety of organizations. This book has been referenced by other texts which assume basic, general knowledge of the field as of 2005.

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