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Posted by cadsmith on October 20, 2007

As users flow to the web in the wave of social networking, there are at least two directions that they tend to go in. Casual users may try the free hosting services with limited bandwidth and storage capacity; organizations seek premium services for efficiency. This entry compares some of the sites in the former set. These allow creation of home pages and blogs. The ones that host pages include a basic page editor. Microsoft introduced Windows Live Writer (WLW) as a desktop WYSIWYG front end for blog entries and it is compatible with blogger, spaces and some of the other formats. They also have the online editor Popfly to make it easier to mashup media and effects using Silverlight.

A comparison between popular sites is shown in the table below. Email-to-blog indicates that the user can create and submit an entry remotely via web or mobile email. Facebook’s notes can be imported from a blog, or be entered from mobile device along with pictures and video. IM audio and video within some socnets is possible using desktop devices, and can be attached to emails. Since mobile device demand seems to be at about 20-50 times that of computers, this class of users is quickly growing and is being offered touch-screen phones, or services utilizing voice input.

Site Page Blog Email-to-blog WLW Host
Blogger Y Y Y Google
GooglePages Y Google
Spaces Live Y Y Y MS
Popfly Y MS
Yahoo 360 Y Y Yahoo
Facebook Notes Facebook

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