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Test Infomation Space

Posted by cadsmith on September 18, 2007

While investigating more of the services that might be of use to testers, was able to create a youtest wiki. This allows people interested in testing to discuss topics, add entries & comment on them. It also has a Glossary page where terms can be added & edited. Anyone can join & post user-generated content. Some of the issues that may be of benefit include:

  • how test results might be added to searchable index along with metadata fields & values;
  • scripts to aggregate sets from metadata, e.g. tests for a product
  • spreadsheet-like macros, e.g. % completion, % passing
  • search for defect list entries, problem, solution details, approvals;
  • test results allow reader commentary & discussion, index of recent page activities,
  • test mash: docs, calendar (tests, resource availability & usage), discussions, emails, engineering specs, s/w, user commentary perhaps wiki,
  • production space (problem space) might be navigable & include test data
  • other needs & possibilities that might occur during this process

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