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Mesh Mash

Posted by cadsmith on September 14, 2007

Am exploring notions of affinity, mesh, trends & collaborators across various domains. Linking web sites together makes it easier to both find them from search & verify that they are active. These are shown as “Additional Sites” on the left column. Tags are attached on each site, in this case, on lower left.

These or other sources, including the kindly reader, might lead to improvements on the current profile.
Corp: office live, (calendar, tasks, projects, reminders, notes),
Email: live, (forwarding, contacts, IM),
Professional: linkedin, monster, dice, alum, IEEE, ACM, Bostonworks;
Search: google, yahoo, msn,
Video: google,
Maps: google,
Storage: google, live (shared folders),
Spaces: live,
Phone: verizon wireless,
Services: you guessed it
Map (relational, hierarchical)
Shuffle can re-sort topics
Spreadsheet (table, 2D) version is more static.
Info: blogspot, mindmeister, shelfari (see review comments),

Admin(s) see this multi-user & multi-domain, so they may be able to add more user mashup capabilities as time goes by.


One Response to “Mesh Mash”

  1. […] Local conceptual markers might include HIDE, The Engine, Encopy, tablet slices, metal ontology, Affinity, Trusted Menu, or Space Central, aspects of which indicate essential themes which may invite […]

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